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[Production example] Fender WIDE RANGE HUMBAUCKER rewinding

This is an example of a pickup that was repaired and made at Nekodamari Kobo.

Fender Wide Range Humbaucker Rewind

The customer contacted us via our website and requested that we repair a Fender wide range humbucker.

When we asked for details about the problem, we were told that the coil resistance on one side of the humbucker could not be measured, which suggested that there was a high possibility that it was broken.

However, after checking the photo you sent us, we could see the loose wire. It had simply broken when it was attached to the lead wire, and if we had reconnected it properly, it might have been possible to repair it while keeping it original.

After checking the owner's wishes, we learned that they wanted to respect the original as much as possible, and that they wanted to specify the original specifications even if they were to rewind it, so we made the following proposal, which was accepted.

◆Proposal contents Repair menu that changes depending on the actual condition

・If the wire is completely broken, rewind it with new copper wire and then repair it.

・If the original coil can be used despite there being only a partial break, we will charge you for the cost of a simple repair.

・If, after an on-site inspection, it is found to be severely damaged and rewinding is not possible, we will only charge you the return shipping fee.

Charging a flat rate for rewinding is not in line with Nekodamari Kobo's values, so we have decided, unconventional, to allow the cost to vary depending on the content of the repair.

In addition, since the purpose of this repair request was to "return the pickup to a usable condition," we have made it within the scope of the warranty, as described below.

Prediction of resistance value, determination of rewinding specifications

When looking into Fender's wide range humbuckers, we found that many of them have a resistance range of around 10 to 11k, and the item requested this time was a bridge piece that the owner had procured as a vintage item.

However, the estimated resistance of this particular piece was 10.4k, which is low for a bridge. This varies depending on the measurement environment, but when rewinding, it is necessary to decide whether to match the estimated value to the 6200-6800 turns and 11k windings on the web information, or to match it to the actual product.

The owner wanted the value to be the same as originally, so we applied a coefficient based on the expected coil shape and recommended a number of turns of 6,250 to 6,300, assuming AWG42 black enamel would be used.

To determine the actual number of turns, we took possession of the actual item, measured the coil numbers on the living item, and made any fine adjustments, and then had the repaired item mailed back to the owner.

Same-day rewinding service

When it arrived at our workshop and we inspected it the same day, we determined that it was not possible to repair it by simply reconnecting the unraveled coil, as was our original ideal method.

Even after reconnecting them, there was no resistance, so it was possible that the wire had broken in the middle and was not connected. Or, it was possible that both wires were at the end of the windings and were not functioning as coils. In either case, we decided that it was not repairable.

If a repair is required, rewinding will be necessary, so when we measured a live coil to determine its specifications, the reading was a modest 5.35k, so we recommended AWG42 6250 turns.

When we contacted the owner, he immediately agreed to the repair, so we were able to rewind and produce the product that same day.

Furthermore, upon checking the original, we noticed that it had not been potted, so after confirming our client's wishes, we decided to produce it without potting.

After rewinding, the wire became 5.4kg, which was almost exactly what I was aiming for, and since it was for a bridge, I made it with bridge wiring. I was able to ship it on the day it arrived.

◆ Problems occur Phase out in mixed position

Once it arrived at the owner's hands, he was able to check it out immediately and was satisfied with the finish, resistance value, and other aspects of its use as a standalone unit, but he was concerned about the phase-out problem that occurred in the mixed position.

When we asked about the environment in which the guitar would be used, we learned that the customer wanted to use the current wide range humbucker together with the repaired vintage wide range humbucker, and that he wanted to use the repaired bridge pickup in the neck.

If it were able to be used on its own, the repair would be complete, but as mentioned above, our goal this time was to "make the pickup into one that could be used in a healthy condition," so we decided to repair it as covered by the warranty.

There were several possible scenarios, and we couldn't make a definitive decision without seeing the actual product, so we asked you to mail us both the current product you wanted to install and the product you wanted to repair, and we would diagnose it.

◆Differences in manufacturing methods by manufacturers Pickup matching

When I checked the current product, I found that the hub material and copper wire were different. I had anticipated the possibility that the structure of the current product and the vintage product might be different, so I was worried that the materials would be different...

After detailed diagnosis, it appears that the possibility is due to differences in production methods by the manufacturer.

This time, I only heard about it being for the bridge, so I wired it in a generic Gibson style, but the Fender one was inverted. I can't say for sure if it's a specification or just this one, but I expect that the phase out will be resolved by adjusting the repair part to match the current product.

We corrected the wiring and sent it back to the owner.

Repair completed! Review and points of regret

Once the item arrived at the owner's home, he checked it again and found that the phase-out had been resolved successfully. This marks the completion of the repair.

Looking back, we had proceeded with the meeting under the assumption that we were repairing a broken pickup. If we had broadened our perspective from the very beginning and asked about the environment in which the product would be used and how it was intended to be used, we could have asked the customer to include the current product when accepting the product for repair, and we could have performed the matching process without the hassle of having to resend the product.

We apologize for the inconvenience this caused the owner, but we are glad that the property is now in a working condition and can be used normally. We will be more thorough in our interviews from now on.

Since the repaired items have been tampered with by Nekodamari Kobo and are no longer original, we have placed a simple marking on them. We think that from now on we will continue to place unnoticeable marks on repaired items.

Summary: Cost, specifications, and duration

details of repair Pickup coil rewind
Repair specifications

Rewinding one coil of a Fender Wide Range Humbucker

Material: Black enamel AWG42 Number of turns: 6250

Potting treatment: None

Repair cost 5,000 yen + tax (including return shipping)

Dear Owner,

Amount of burden

5,500 yen + shipping fee twice (Click Post 185 yen * 2)



Repair period

On average, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks.

This time: Excluding the day of shipping, 1 day for rewinding, 2 days for wiring correction

Warranty details

Free repairs when defects occur within the normal range of use

Thank you very much for your request. If you have any inquiries regarding pickup rewinding, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

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