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  • Nekodamari Studio's beeswax wax

    The story of beeswax, which was the inspiration behind the creation of Nekodamari Kobo, is posted on a special page.

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  • Handmade Pickup

    We have posted on a special page about our encounter with these machines that have been in use for over 50 years and their synergistic effect with beeswax.

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  • Reading

    We publish mini-columns such as anecdotes about prototypes and experiments, updates on YouTube, and product stories.

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Items that support harmony

Nekodamari Kobo was born in December 2020 when the company began selling its homemade clear beeswax in musical instrument stores. Based on the brand concept of "items that support harmony," in just one year, the company's products were sold in over 200 stores, and 20,000 units were manufactured, shipped, and exported overseas. Through a strange coincidence, the company inherited the machines that have been making Japanese guitar pickups for over 50 years, and expanded from "items that do not make sound" to "items related to sound that create music." Therefore, the company has established a new brand concept related to sound, "Playing the sound of the heart together," and is developing and manufacturing a variety of products.

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