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Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd. is fully aware of its social mission and responsibility as a company in operating the "Nekodamari Kobo" brand and related businesses, and will implement appropriate measures to protect personal information.

(1) We will acquire and use personal information appropriately, taking into consideration the content and scale of our business described above.

(2) As a general rule, we will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use without the prior consent of the individual.

(3) We will not disclose your personal information to a third party except with the consent of the individual or when there is a legitimate reason prescribed by law or regulation.

(4) In order to protect the personal information of our customers, we have appointed a personal information manager and a personal information protection manager to promote the appropriate handling of personal information. In addition, we will provide education and enlightenment to all employees engaged in our business.

(5) We will implement security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, leakage, tampering, etc. of personal information provided by customers, and will take any necessary corrective measures.

(6) If you wish to confirm, correct, or delete your personal information, please contact our customer service desk. We promise to respond to your request within a reasonable scope and time frame.

Date of establishment: December 24, 2021 Last revised: August 31, 2023 Yuki Tanaka, Representative Director, Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

Handling of Personal Information

Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Manager Director Yoko Tanaka

We may handle your personal information in connection with transactions.
Below we explain how we handle personal information.

1. Basic Stance

We declare our personal information protection policy, ensure that our employees and other related parties are fully aware of it, and will continue to improve and maintain it.
In addition, when acquiring personal information, we will do so through lawful and fair means and will not acquire such information through illegal means. We will also notify the individual of the voluntary nature of providing such personal information and of the consequences that will occur to that individual if they do not provide such information.

2. Personal information items

Name, company name, department, job title, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, etc.

3. Purpose of Use

  • Contact regarding transactions, etc.
  • Providing products and services handled by our company
  • Notifications regarding our services and related services
  • Fulfillment of any contract between you and us
  • Information on fairs and events held (hosted, co-hosted, or sponsored) by our company
  • Requests for product monitoring, questionnaire surveys, etc.
  • Responding to inquiries, requests for information and other requests
  • Purposes for which the customer has given prior consent

4. Use for purposes other than those stated above

If we use your personal information for purposes other than those listed above, we will obtain your consent (except when permitted by law, etc.).

5. Safety measures for personal information

  1. We will take reasonable safety measures and necessary corrective measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information. However, please understand that there is no absolute technology that can prevent unauthorized access.
  2. We will regularly educate our employees on the protection of personal information.

6. Procedures for responding to requests for disclosure of personal information

With regard to personal information held by our company that is subject to disclosure, you may request notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, suspension of use, deletion, suspension of provision to third parties, and as a result of disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "request for disclosure, etc."). However, please note that we may not be able to respond to requests for disclosure, etc. related to evaluations.
Please note that we will handle requests for disclosure, etc. as follows:

・How to respond to requests for disclosure, etc.

We will respond in writing to the address stated on the applicant's application form.

- "Purpose of use" of personal information acquired in relation to requests for disclosure, etc.

Personal information obtained in response to a request for disclosure, etc. will be handled only to the extent necessary to fulfill the request.

・Reasons for non-disclosure of "retained personal data"

We will not disclose information in the following cases. If we decide not to disclose information, we will notify you of that decision and the reasons.

- If the identity of the applicant cannot be confirmed, for example because the address on the application form differs from the address on the applicant's or agent's qualification verification document.
- When an application is made by a representative, the authority to act on behalf of the other party cannot be confirmed.
- If there is a deficiency in the prescribed application procedures.
・When the subject of the request for disclosure does not fall under the personal data held.
- If there is a risk of causing significant disruption to the proper performance of our business.
- Other cases specified by laws and regulations or cases that would violate laws and regulations.

・【Contact information regarding personal information protection】

Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Consultation Desk