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Liquid cleaner is "silent"?

This is a miscellaneous note about the liquid cleaner that was released recently.

There are cats in the illustration, and each one has a different expression.

When I line them up while working, I think the density of the cats looks pretty good.

It does look like a cluster of cats, doesn't it? I drew this illustration for a liquid cleaner, and based on this cat, we will be counting the shipping unit in the workshop as "one cat" rather than "one bottle."

Several hundred have already departed, but we look forward to seeing whether they will reach 10,000 like the Clear Beeswax.

If you ever get the chance, I'd be happy if you could pick it up.

Please check the product page for information about the product.

Nekodamari Kobo Liquid Cleaner, Handmade with Natural Ingredients, Scented – Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store (

Finally, a video showing how it can be used is included.

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