Items that support harmony

Clear beeswax wax first started when I was selling beeswax wax that I had made myself on a flea market app, and was contacted by a major music store in Tokyo who offered to sell it in their store.

At that time, the company did not even have a brand logo and was still unknown.

"Nekodamari" is a coined word, but it brings to mind the image of a warm and cozy space where cats gather in a sunny spot, and we thought it would be nice to use it when doing something together as a family! We named it "Nekodamari Kobo" with the idea of ​​creating something together as a family.

The concept is "items that support harmony"

Because our products and brand were born from connections with people on social media, we deliver items that can play a part in conversations and relationships with warm and caring people.

Packaging based on the concept of "place to belong"

The packaging was designed with great care, from the cutting of the paper to creating a cute yet elegant image reminiscent of Japanese sweets.

The special paw prints were also applied by hand one by one.

If you think of it as just wrapping paper, this may not be an especially necessary detail, but when you consider the journey from Nekodamari Kobo to the retail stores where the product is sold and then to the hands of each user, this extra step was essential, as the package was created with the concept of a "place to be" for the product to spend time before it goes to work.

We have many users who share these values, treasure the packaging, and use it as a place to store the product when they're done using it.

Gentle and excellent care with natural ingredients

The recipe for clear beeswax wax is based on a hand cream I used to make for family members who had allergies or sensitive hands.

That's why we make our products using only natural ingredients, without any preservatives or additives.

We wanted to create an excellent product using a material that is safe to touch and use with bare hands, so we set our sights on jojoba oil, which is also used in high-end massage oils and cosmetics.

Because it has its own unique wax properties, when it interacts with beeswax it becomes a beeswax wax that exhibits a wide range of excellent effects, including lubrication, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, moisturizing protection and waterproofing.

This is a versatile wax made from natural ingredients that can be safely used not only to care for musical instruments, but also for everyday items such as leather products.

Each one is handmade

Nekodamari Kobo's clear beeswax wax is made by carefully mixing the beeswax in a hot water bath and pouring it into tins by hand one by one to give it a glossy appearance.

The surface may crack due to wind from temperature or air conditioning, but we visually inspect all items and remake any that are cracked before shipping them out.

Due to issues such as temperature control, we are unable to mass-produce the product all at once, so we have continued to manufacture it steadily since the very beginning.

A total of 40,000 units manufactured and shipped!

Clear beeswax wax was first released in December 2020, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the concept of "Items that Support Harmony" in mind, we hope that our products will not only provide a topic for conversation about the care and maintenance of your beloved instrument, but also provide a warm and heartwarming opportunity for conversation between family, friends, and acquaintances, and that they will also serve as a conversation starter with the staff at music stores when you are able to go out for a rare occasion. "We want to deliver our products to each user's favorite music store or nearby store as much as possible!"

We have been working on our clear beeswax wax as a way to create opportunities for human interaction, and in just one year it has become available for sale across Japan.

Users all over the country have been delighted to hear that the product has arrived at their nearest store, and some have said that their awareness and interest in maintenance has increased.
In the future, we will continue to work hard to expand our circle of exchanges not only domestically but also overseas.

Enjoy the aroma of this maintenance session

Clear beeswax wax is available in scented varieties.

This item was also developed based on the basic concept of "creating items that support harmony," with each fragrance having its own concept of "love," "trust," "expectation," and "honesty."
We have received many comments from customers saying that they now look forward to maintenance work!

Scent is deeply connected to memory.
We have had the experience of music evoking memories, but we developed this fragrance with the hope that it could help you relax, refresh your mind, improve your concentration, and lead to the accumulation of wonderful memories through quality time.

The fragrance is made from a blend of 100% natural essential oils without any synthetic fragrances. We aim to create an original blend of natural ingredients that will gently wrap around you and give you a high-quality scent that you can enjoy over time, just like perfume.

We plan to continue expanding our range of scented items that will brighten your everyday life.

Clear beeswax wax that is used worldwide

Clear beeswax wax is popular not only in Japan but also overseas.

Our products are used by a variety of guitar manufacturers, luthiers, and builders, including Marchione Guitars of Texas, USA, known as the world's top string instrument maker, and Pensa Custom Guitars of NYC, a prestigious high-end guitar brand.

We will continue to develop better products, aiming to create the best care items for our finest works.