Company Profile

Company name Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director Yuki Tanaka
location 2-24-3 Ichiban, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, 456-0053

Brand site

Amazon Store nekodamari. work

Other overseas stores, etc.

Social Media


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Business Contents

Planning and management of the Nekodamari Kobo brand

Manufacture and sale of maintenance products for musical instruments and daily necessities

Planning, manufacturing and sales of pick-up products

Planning, manufacturing and sales of other musical instrument related products

Human resource development, management, consulting, etc.

Research and development related to the above

Main Products

Homemade beeswax series

Handmade Pick Up Series

Nekodamari Kobo's Values

It all starts with the family.

Even as time passes and times and environments change, I want to cherish the spirit that has been passed down in my family from grandparents, father, mother, siblings, children and grandchildren.

Even if you fight, disagree with each other, feel sad because you don't understand each other, or whatever else you say, in the end, your family will always be there to accept you and support you.

Even though they really want to cherish each other and are really grateful, they can't be honest with each other and end up swearing and feeling self-loathing. As this continues day after day, the family structure begins to change without them realizing it.

It will never disappear, but I want to create a beautiful gradation of the present that comes from the past, and the future that comes from the present.