Items that support harmony

Nekodamari Kobo was founded in December 2020 when we started selling our homemade clear beeswax wax in music stores.

Based on the brand concept of "items that support harmony," in just one year the products were sold at over 200 stores, and a record 20,000 units were manufactured, shipped, and exported overseas.

Through a strange coincidence, we ended up inheriting the machines that have been making pickups for Japanese-made guitars for over 50 years. As a result, we expanded our involvement from "items that don't make sound" to "items that are related to sound and create music."

Therefore, we have established a new brand concept related to sound: "Playing the sounds of the heart together," and are developing and manufacturing a variety of products.

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What is a "cat gathering"?

"Nekodamari" is a coined word, but it brings to mind the image of a warm and cozy space where cats gather in a sunny spot, and we thought it would be nice to use it when doing something together as a family! We named it "Nekodamari Kobo" with the idea of ​​creating something together as a family.

  • Shoji cat?

    This cat mark, which is a registered trademark of Nekodamari Kobo, is commonly known as ``Shoji Neko.''

  • Not the crane's return of a favor...

    On the other side of the paper screen, there was a crane plucking its own feathers and weaving cloth... no...

  • Don't open it!

    A silhouette emerges.

    Among them were cats working happily and harmoniously together.

  • Cat's gratitude =^_^=

    On the other side of the shoji screen, the cats are working again today... I hope they can all get along and have more conversations!

Homemade beeswax

This is the item that inspired the creation of Nekodamari Kobo.

Maintain your favorite items in the same way you would maintain cosmetics, handmade using 100% natural materials.

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Handmade Pickup

Specialized parts that form the heart of electric guitars and basses.

Click the button below to find out the backstory behind the pickup that was handed down to us through a mysterious coincidence and our attempt to continue the 50-year history of the company!

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