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[X100 Challenge] X Series STset #016 Only one available

[X100 Challenge] X Series STset #016 Only one available

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*Please read the notes carefully in the explanation below. After receiving your purchase, we will arrange for shipping within 1 to 2 days. Since there is only one item, we ask for your understanding if it is sold out.

Production example article is in preparation

#016 Specs

Compatible models ST type, front, center and rear, 1 set
Hobin Material Transparent material PMMA
magnet Alnico 5 flat pole piece
Copper wire Red enamel 0.040mm
Lead Cross Wire
Potting Treatment No potting (none)
Special Craftsmanship Contactless processing of copper wire
specification No pickup cover, center only RWRP (reverse wound, reverse magnetized)
Resistance value

Front 12.88kg

Center 13.45k

Rear 13.92kg


Spec sheet, base, package, mounting screws, spring

Warranty details

Free repairs for breakdowns caused by normal use

Other features are the same as regular commercially available products.


-There may be unavoidable scratches and scuffs due to the manufacturing process.

-The dimensions are based on general standards, but please check the dimensions listed on the sales page before purchasing.

・Pickups are delicate parts and require specialized knowledge to handle. Please ask a professional to modify or install them, or do so at your own risk.

・If you have any questions regarding installation, please contact us using the inquiry form.

・As this is a prototype, the specifications, such as packaging, appearance, and engraved information on the back, may differ from those of the officially sold product.

・In principle, we can only accept one item, but if you would like a similar pickup, we may be able to accommodate your request as a semi-order. Please contact us for more details.

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Available at Nekodamari Kobo's online store

[X100 Challenge] X Series STset #001 Only one available – Nekodamari Kobo Online Store (

Sales price: 20,000 yen (tax and shipping included)

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