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Notice of changes to the distribution system for Nekodamari Kobo products

Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd. would like to inform you that the distribution system for our products has changed.

*Revised on November 5, 2023. Due to a review of distribution methods, the B2B store was closed and the text was corrected.

*Added on May 2, 2024. Added text regarding our stance regarding the abolition of the agency.

Information on sales methods for general customers and users

We will inform you about the channels where you can purchase Nekodamari Kobo products.

We hope you will choose the method that is easiest for you.

Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store

・This website (

This is an online store directly operated by Nekodamari Kobo. Limited items and campaign items are only sold on this site. Gift wrapping and fragrance samples may not be available on any site other than the directly operated online store.

As this is a direct website of the manufacturer, we can accept reservations when items are out of stock and also handle some custom orders.

◆Products for sale, services, etc.◆

・Maintenance items (beeswax, etc.)

・Handmade Pickup

・Miscellaneous items

・Custom-made products and various services

・Sale of limited edition and special products

・Gift wrapping, fragrance samples, etc.

Amazon Store

・Amazon Store ( )

Please see here for products listed on Amazon. Mainly, only standard products are listed. There may be cases where the product is listed by a distributor.

Due to Amazon's regulations, in principle, only standard items are sold, so we cannot accommodate requests to purchase limited edition or special order items on Amazon. If you need to order or send a gift, please use our direct online store.

◆Products for sale◆

・Maintenance items (beeswax, etc.)

・Handmade Pickup

・Miscellaneous items

Retailers who handle our products

・Retailers' stores, EC sites, etc.

It may also be sold on Yahoo! Shopping or Rakuten.

◆Products for sale, services, etc.◆

Varies depending on the product purchased

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

To all stakeholders and retailers: Notice of discontinuation of agency distribution

Nekodamari Kobo products were shipped directly from Nekodamari Kobo, and were also distributed through an agency, but we have now decided to discontinue agency distribution.

Please see below for future distribution and management information.

◆ Regarding the abolition of agency distribution

We have discontinued domestic distribution of all Nekodamari Kobo products. As many of you may have already been informed, from now on, orders will only be accepted and shipped by Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

Although we would like to greet and contact you individually, we are unable to provide you with most of your contact information, so we will do so in the manner described above. Thank you for your understanding.

We have also confirmed cases where promotional materials were not distributed. From now on, we will take full responsibility for sending promotional materials and campaign information, so if you would like to receive such information, please contact us using the inquiry form.

*Added on May 2, 2024

Regarding the discontinuation of agency distribution

This product will be discontinued as soon as the product stock held by the distributor is sold out. Since we do not keep track of stock status, please contact the distributor directly.

Regarding future wholesale transaction contact points*

Orders will only be accepted and shipped by Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

In addition, we only accept orders via the web through our newly opened B2B store. We do not accept orders by phone, verbally, or fax, so we ask for your understanding. If you would like to do business with us, please contact us using the designated inquiry form.

*Due to a review of our operating methods, we have closed the B2B store. In principle, we do not conduct wholesale transactions. Revised on 2023/11/05 Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

New product sales

Products released after September 1, 2023 will not be distributed by agents.

If you would like to purchase, please contact Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd. directly.

For products sold before September 1, 2023, please contact Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd. once the agency stock has sold out.

◆Products on sale before September 1st◆

・Homemade clear beeswax

・Homemade classic beeswax wax

・Homemade clear beeswax wax (trusted) Jacaranda scent

・Homemade clear beeswax wax (love) lotus scent

・Homemade clear beeswax wax (hopefully) Hinoki scent

・Homemade clear beeswax wax (sunao) Green tea scent


(*We are not accepting new orders for limited production items, effects, or pickups, so they are excluded from the list. There may also not be any agency stock.)

Notice regarding changes to the distribution system

Due to this change in the distribution system, there will be no agents wholesale Nekodamari Kobo products released after September 1st.

In the unlikely event that a company does take orders, Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd. will not deliver products via an agent, so the order will be one that will never be delivered.

Furthermore, even if we have made a wholesale purchase, we ask that you refrain from secondary wholesale activities in order to maintain quality. Therefore, if you are in fact placing an order, please contact Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

Please pay particular attention to new products released after September 1, 2023.


There have been confirmed cases where orders were received from retailers despite the fact that orders were not being accepted or deliveries were being refused. If a former distributor or other party has told you that they have placed an order with Nekodamari Kobo but have not received it, this is false information.
We have no back orders, and we will not be shipping through other companies in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us at Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

We are also reviewing our product lineup, so if you have any inquiries regarding wholesale, please contact us using the inquiry form on our website.

*Added on May 2, 2024

Regarding the case of someone pretending to be related to Nekodamari Kobo

Apart from agency work, we have confirmed cases where people have pretended to be affiliated with Nekodamari Kobo and handled inquiries and inquiries. None of this information has been shared with our company.
In addition, please note that the information provided may not be accurate as we have never requested a response on your behalf other than in response to inquiries sent directly to us.

We have a person who has been contracted to work for a certain period of time on custom-made audio equipment such as pickups and collaborative projects, but as we have not received any information from that person, we are unable to grasp the progress at all.
We are very sorry, but with this notice, we will cancel and terminate any projects that have been ongoing without our knowledge.

From now on, we will operate in a way that outsiders cannot be involved in the development environment. If you would like to contact Nekodamari Kobo again, please contact us.

*Added on May 2, 2024

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

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