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Notice regarding discontinuation of Golden Beeswax

We would like to inform you that Golden Beeswax Wax, which was previously offered under the Nekodamari Kobo brand, will be discontinued.

Regarding the cancellation of the collaboration project

Golden Beeswax Wax was only available as part of a collaboration project, but due to various circumstances, the collaboration project will be cancelled.

Due to the cancellation of the project, Golden Beeswax will be discontinued. Also, the container is not our product, so if you have any questions, please contact the production company.

From now on, our company and the container manufacturer will have no relationship. We cannot take any responsibility for the products or goods of the container manufacturer, except for our own products, so we ask for your understanding.

Discontinuation date

Immediately from April 26, 2024

About Golden Beeswax

"Golden Beeswax Wax" was developed as a higher grade version of the "Clear Beeswax Wax" sold by Nekodamari Kobo. Compared to the Clear Beeswax Wax, this product has a more lustrous texture and moisturizing properties, and has been very well received by string instrument makers.

Except for test sales, the product has not been sold to the general public, and has only been filled and provided in collaborative containers.

However, this operation ended up deviating from Nekodamari Kobo's worldview and values.

(Left: Appearance of the early Clear Beeswax Wax. Right: Appearance of Golden Beeswax Wax, which was being prepared for general sale.)

About the discontinuation

Initially, we had planned to sell it to the general public along with our clear beeswax wax, but then we decided to collaborate with a container manufacturing company.

Nekodamari Kobo had been thinking of producing the containers as high-added-value accessories and optional items after selling them to the general public, but due to the wishes of the production company , the "Golden Beeswax Wax" will only be available to purchasers of the collaborative container .

Our workshop had some ideas about the expected price range and specifications, but we had heard from the manufacturing company that they wanted a container that could be used for storing small items as well, rather than just beeswax. As we are not an expert in container manufacturing, we felt that it was not our place to offer an opinion, and so we only provided the internal dimensions related to the amount of wax to be filled as our desired information.

As a result, the container ended up being much more expensive than expected, which led to a distorted operation that forced people who wanted to use Nekodamari Kobo's Golden Beeswax Wax to purchase the expensive container .

Because this product was so far removed from Nekodamari Kobo's worldview, an improved version with a smaller capacity was produced as an improvement plan, but this also came in an expensive container. While a total of 40,000 units of Clear Beeswax Wax have been manufactured and shipped, Golden Beeswax Wax has become an item that only 40 people can use, which is something we deeply regret and feel remorseful about.

Due to various circumstances, we have decided to end the collaboration project and must decide whether to sell Golden Beeswax to the general public at Nekodamari Kobo or to discontinue it.

Nekodamari Kobo takes seriously the fact that we had agreed to the original intention of "limiting availability only to those who purchase the collaboration project container," and will adhere to this policy, discontinuing the product and not selling it to the general public.

Although it is very disappointing, as this was an item with high performance and acclaim, we have come to the decision not to make any convenient mid-stream changes.

We will take this incident as a lesson and make sound judgments and decisions within our company to ensure that such things do not happen again, and will continue to operate and plan in accordance with our worldview and values.

Notice of new product due to discontinued product Information on high-end model "Shiny Wax"

By discontinuing Golden Beeswax Wax, the Nekodamari Kobo brand will lose its top-of-the-line beeswax wax model.

After our business model became distorted, we began developing "Shiny Wax" as a wax that would surpass Golden Beeswax Wax, and now we have it here.

Compared to conventional clear beeswax wax, this is a high-end model that offers even greater penetrating moisturizing properties and glossy shine.
This item has a unique packaging design and other aspects that make it stand out, and it offers superior performance compared to Golden Beeswax.

For this reason, we will now be introducing "Shiny Wax" as a higher-end model to replace Golden Beeswax.

For more details, please see this product page.

[New Product] Clear Beeswax Wax Series High-end Model Shiny Wax – Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store (

Compensation for purchasers of collaboration containers following discontinuation of Golden Beeswax

As mentioned above, Golden Beeswax Wax was provided in a collaboration container. Due to this discontinuation, we are no longer accepting new requests to fill Golden Beeswax Wax.

When you request it, we will recommend filling it with Shiny Wax, which is the higher-end model.

The price and other details of the "collaboration containers" were decided by the production company, so Nekodamari Kobo is unable to respond to or provide compensation regarding the containers.

However, we believe that there will be at least a few people who would like to use Nekodamari Kobo's beeswax wax.

Therefore, we would like to apologize for the discrepancy in the beeswax wax content provided by our workshop compared to what was initially expected, and will provide the following compensation.

Compensation Response 1: Free refill requests for three years

When filling collaborative containers with Shiny Wax, the cost of filling will be waived for three years .
Nekodamari Kobo will also cover the round-trip shipping costs, so there will be no financial burden on the person purchasing the container .

Please send us the actual collaboration container with postage due, and we will fill it and return it to your specified address.

Free period: Today, April 26, 2024 to December 31, 2027

*Taking into account the possibility that there may be individual differences in when it comes to checking compensation, we will include an eight-month grace period and extend the period until the end of December 2027.

Compensation Response 2: Product provision if you do not use the free service provided under Response 1

For those who no longer plan to use the collaborative containers or who have no plans to request refills from Nekodamari Kobo, we will send you two units of our higher-end, commercially available product, "Shiny Wax."
(*The calculation is based on 1 piece being consumed in 1.5 years. 2 pieces will be sent at the same time.)

We would like you to choose either Response 1 or Response 2.

Eligible recipients*:

・Those who purchase a small-volume case at Nekodamari Kobo's directly managed store (19 winners)
・Those who have requested refilling at Nekodamari Kobo at least once (16 people)

Number of people affected: 35 people in total (1 compensation per container)

*If you have a collaborative container but have never requested Nekodamari Kobo to fill it, we have determined that you are using it to store small items.

How to apply for compensation:

Eligible recipients will be notified via email address they have registered.
Eligible applicants can also contact us using the inquiry form below or email address "".

Contact Us – Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store (

*There is a possibility that we may not be able to deliver the notice due to system malfunctions, etc. If you are a covered customer and have not received the notice, we apologize for the inconvenience, but if you see this post, we would appreciate it if you could contact us with information such as your order receipt or email copy. We will respond as soon as possible.


This was a project that Nekodamari Kobo planned in its early days, and we believe that our forecasts and expectations were poor, which resulted in the product being discontinued.

Nekodamari Kobo will learn from this experience and operate more carefully to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.
We deeply apologize to all of you who have enjoyed Golden Beeswax, those who wanted to use it, and those who were interested in it, for the disappointing outcome.

As a manufacturer, we have made every effort to develop and release the high-end model "Shiny Wax" that excels in terms of performance. Going forward, we will continue to make every effort as a brand to strive to provide Nekodamari Kobo with items that customers will want to use, and we will do our best even more than ever before.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

April 26, 2024 Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

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