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Media Coverage: Tokusengai Web News Article

We are pleased to announce that Nekodamari Kobo products have been featured in the media.

Publication media: Tokusengai Web

About Tokusengai Web

It began as "Tokusengai," a long-established product information magazine first published by Makino Publishing in 1979, and was later launched as a web magazine. It is currently a website operated by Boutiquesha Co., Ltd.

The monthly magazine "Tokusengai" has the slogan "Choosing the best products for your life," and has continued to select and introduce all kinds of products for daily life, from daily necessities to hobby tools and various services.

"Tokusengai Web" was started with the idea that "we want more people to read articles about Tokusengai!"

(Quoted from the official Tokusengai Web page) About Tokusengai Web | Tokusengai Web (

Published section Tokusengai Web News section

He wrote a news article about our new product, Shiny Wax.

Some of the actual reviews we receive include comments like, "The strings and finger movement are smoother, making it easier to play," and "I feel like I've gotten better." Catcher summarized these reviews and introduced the product with the opening line, "If only I could get better at guitar without putting in any effort. This product makes that dream come true."

We hope you will take a look at the article via the URL provided.

Article URL: [For guitar] Apply it to the fretboard and it will instantly become easier to play! The strongest cat beeswax ever "Shiny Wax" | Tokusengai web (

Shiny Wax, the high-end model of our highly acclaimed clear beeswax wax, is now on sale on this website, at our Amazon store and elsewhere.

[New Product] Clear Beeswax Wax Series High-end Model Shiny Wax – Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store ( nekodamari. work

Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

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