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[Development Story] The Story of the Clear Beeswax Wax for Erhu "EBW-01"

This is a short story about the development of "EBW-01," the clear beeswax wax for erhu, manufactured by Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd.

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What led to development

I'm ashamed to say that I knew absolutely nothing about the erhu, to the point that I might have heard the name before. However, I learned about it after receiving an inquiry from Mac Corporation, a company that deals in erhu instruments.

When I asked him about it, he told me that he plays the instrument by pressing down metal strings like a guitar, and that each person has their own way of using lubricants. He said that there are no specific products for this purpose, and in some cases people use products for guitars, but he thought that Nekodamari Kobo's "Clear Beeswax Wax" was a good choice because of its gentle properties on the hands and fingers.

It is possible to use the ``Clear Beeswax Wax'' as is, but since the existing specifications are mainly designed for string instruments such as guitars, we thought it would be better to adapt it to specifications that are easier to use for erhu users, so we decided to adjust it as a special product.

*Erhu image photo borrowed from MAC Corporation Co., Ltd.

Assumed use

Since the erhu does not have a fingerboard like a guitar, the use of clear beeswax is limited solely to its use as a lubricant when playing.

In other words, the range of uses is limited, and 30ml of clear beeswax wax is too much, so it's difficult to even use it all up on a guitar.

Therefore, we decided to simply halve the size to 15ml and keep the price down.

Reassessing the packaging

Cutting the volume in half may seem easy, but it is actually difficult. The reason is that if you deviate from the specifications provided for the package, you cannot make the price realistic unless you set up a lot.

The main packaging we use at Nekodamari Kobo is made to fit the 30ml size, so if we were to use it as is for 15ml, it would end up looking a bit empty and disappointing.

Also, I was concerned that the descriptions were written with the intention of it being used on a guitar, etc., so the product appearance could not be said to be for an erhu.

After coordinating with MAC Corporation, we have decided to create a new package that can accommodate printing for the erhu.

The design was made in the shape of a pillow, and the packaging was designed to be flexible by assembling it at Nekodamari Kobo. The collaborative logo was created by Mac Corporation, and the packaging features a master cat playing the erhu.

Packaging Information

The inside of the clear beeswax wax packaging is wrapped in Japanese paper, and we have similarly wrapped and packed each one individually.

The overall size is also compact, so the body is smaller than a guitar and can be stored in an erhu case, which has limited storage space.

Product Info

Please check the product information on the dedicated page.

Nekodamari Kobo x Kogetsuginbo Erhu Clear Beeswax Wax for Erhu EBW-01 – Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store (

If you would like to purchase this product, please contact MAC Corporation Co., Ltd.

EBW-01 Clear beeswax for erhu (


If MAC Corporation had not approached us, I don't think we would have had the opportunity to create items for the erhu.

I'm grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and I hope that it will help brighten the daily lives of erhu users. The biggest thing about this project is that we were able to provide a new package with special support, but what I felt even more strongly about this was that I want to continue to make progress so that we can expand the range of our support so that we can meet a variety of needs.

Everyone at Nekodamari Kobo Co., Ltd. will continue to work hard.

Thank you for watching.

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