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New high-end model heads to New York

We frequently receive orders for commercial beeswax from Pensa Custom Guitars in New York, USA, and this time we are delivering them a newly developed high-end model.

The recipe has been improved to create a wax with excellent moisturizing properties and a glossy finish.

We will begin general sales as soon as preparations are complete.* However, we will not be selling the product for commercial use.

*Update: It has been released. Product information is available at the following URL.

[New Product] Clear Beeswax Wax Series High-end Model Shiny Wax – Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store (

If you are a manufacturer or luthier and are interested, please contact us.

*The photo shows the simplified packaging for commercial use. The appearance will differ from that of the product sold to the general public.

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