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【製作事例】X100 #006 ブルーなTLピックアップ【非売品】

[Production Example] X100 #006 Blue TL Pickup [Not for Sale]

This is production example #006 of the featured project [X100] currently being held at Nekodamari Kobo.

For more information on the X100 project, please click here.

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Overview of #006

First off, here is the exterior.

I personally think that almost no one has seen this, but it is a mysterious material in the same genre as #003.

Of course, this is not your typical vulcanized fiber.

Blue marble special resin material

This material is also a resin material with a mysterious pattern that contains pearl pigments.

It is a similar material to the shell-like material introduced in article #003, but I think the term "blue marble" is the easiest to describe.

Article #003

[Production Example] X100 #003 TL Pickup with a Mysterious Pattern – Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store (

This is also a difficult item to make as it is made from a difficult-to-produce material, but I made it based on the romantic idea that "a blue pickup would be nice."

"Blue" is quite a tricky colour, as when I looked for regular resin materials, most of them were just a single colour, and the flat, solid colour didn't feel right.

This is not a marble with another color, but rather a pattern of glittering pearl pigments, so I chose this because I thought it would give the impression of a "beautiful blue" rather than just "blue" and "something."

Since it is possible to add a dash of blue to the exterior, I hope that this will broaden the range of color coordination for guitars and basses.

I'll post some close-up photos.

Special craftsmanship: Non-contact processing of copper wire

It uses the non-contact processing that appeared in #001.

Since the content is duplicated, please check article #001.

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Digression and Summary #006 Spec Introduction

Now, #006 is a TL Pickup.

This model also has a coverless design, allowing for non-contact processing and the use of thick copper wire with standard specifications. This model is perfect for sound making.

It uses Alnico 5 and is made with heavy foamvar, so you can use it with an impression similar to that of a typical TL pickup.

It does not have a copper plate, so keep that in mind as it is closer to an ST pickup.

#006 is provided by another company, so we have no plans to sell it. If a similar model is produced, we will make it available for sale. Please look forward to it.

#006 Spec

Compatible models TL type neck/bridge 1 set
Hobin Material Blue Marble Resin Material
magnet Alnico 5 flat pole piece
Copper wire Heavy Form Bar 0.063mm
Lead Cross Wire
Potting Treatment Low noise, mid-reinforced potting
Special Craftsmanship Contactless processing of copper wire
specification No pickup cover, middle only RWRP (reverse wound, reverse magnetized)
Resistance value

Neck 5.84kg

Bridge 6.04kg



Warranty details

Not for sale, none

Notes Not for sale, no description
Sales Information

This product is provided by another company and is not for sale.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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