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And shining shiny wax

This is a miscellaneous note about Shiny Wax, which was released recently.

Shiny Wax is the latest addition to the Clear Beeswax Wax series and a high-end model, but first let's define what a high-end model is.

There are many different ways of thinking and values, but at Nekodamari Kobo, our definition is "a product that combines a sense of exclusivity with functionality."

In terms of performance, we developed a new recipe that combines clear beeswax wax and classic beeswax wax, aiming to create an all-in-one wax with improved moisturizing properties.

In addition, by combining oils that have an excellent, elegant shine, it also has a superior shine to clear beeswax.

In order to achieve that sense of exclusivity, we decided to incorporate a packaging design and special processing that emphasizes the glossy feel that is the origin of the name.

Not only is it flashy, but we were also conscious of the fact that amplifiers and other audio equipment are predominantly black, and felt that a black can of clear beeswax would blend in and be easily lost, so we chose a bright colour scheme that is not often used for audio equipment.

We tried our hand at embossing on a wax surface, something that had never been done before.

By creating a special mold using a 3D printer, we engraved the brand icon into the plain wax. This serves the purpose of visually indicating that the product is unused and that it was made by Nekodamari Kobo.

The packaging design has also been changed from the standard product to give it a stronger brand image as it is a high-end model.

Nekodamari Kobo's logo is called Shoji Neko, and the background setting is of a cat working inside a shoji screen, so we added paw prints to make it look like it's on its way to work.

When you move the sliding box, a window appears, and it looks like the cat is trying to escape through it. Since it's a cat, the window doesn't close.

After coming up with this design, I was considering using materials with a Japanese paper feel as I usually do, when a thought suddenly occurred to me.

"It's shiny, but it doesn't seem to have enough sparkle... (?)"

As I continued to look into it from a more mysterious perspective, I discovered a special aluminum-deposited paper. Aluminum foil is pasted on top of the paper, giving it a metallic sheen, making it a wonderful material.

As is, it is solid silver and shiny enough that your face is reflected in it, so by deliberately painting the entire surface with color, we were able to create a design that is less assertive while still allowing the logo and paw pads to appear silver.

Just as this was about to be completed, I suddenly had a thought.

"If it didn't have the metallic shine that people say it has, it would be a bit plain... I don't think it's worthy of the name Shiny... (?)"

Because it is a special paper, additional treatment is necessary to protect the surface, but I discovered a great treatment called holographic coating.

The end result was a shiny wax that combines fingerboard gloss, metallic luster, and holographic iridescence!!!

They have the look of rare cards, which makes you wonder, "Are these really maintenance items?" and when you collect them all together they can be quite a dazzling sight, but I would be happy if they could bring you a laugh when you receive them.

As an aside, "Shiny Wax" can be translated as "shiny wax" or "glowing wax", but if translated incorrectly it becomes "glossy wax". It's not wrong, but I would be happy if you took it as "shiny wax" rather than "glossy wax".

Shiny Wax is sold at Nekodamari Kobo's online store (this site) and Amazon store. Please take a look at the product page.

[New Product] Clear Beeswax Wax Series High-end Model Shiny Wax – Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store ( nekodamari. work

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