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Homemade clear beeswax wax (hopefully) Hinoki scent

Homemade clear beeswax wax (hopefully) Hinoki scent

Made with 100% unbleached Japanese beeswax and jojoba oil. This is Nekodamari Kobo's first product and comes with the scent of their most popular standard product, Clear Beeswax Wax. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from instrument maintenance to caring for everyday items. The recipe is derived from hand cream, so there is no need to worry about the strong solvent smell and not being able to do other work after maintaining your instrument without washing your hands.

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Safe and 100% natural beeswax

Nekodamari Kobo's beeswax wax was originally made as a recipe for home care for families. After repeated trials, we created a product that can be used safely on sensitive skin, whether it be for those who have allergies after pregnancy and childbirth, or those who suddenly find that the cosmetics they have been using no longer suit their skin.

Based on the recipes used for people's hands, products have been created that can also be used to care for musical instruments and everyday items (precious leather bags, wallets, shoes, accessories, etc.).

[The excellent effects of jojoba oil and beeswax make this a versatile wax that provides various effects such as lubrication, moisture retention, waterproofing, antiseptic properties, and rust prevention.]

If you notice that your shoes are dirty while you're out, simply take out the beeswax you keep in your bag and wipe them with a tissue to restore an elegant, non-shiny shine.

It leaves no strange smell or slime on your hands so you can use it with confidence.

Please carry it with you in your daily life and use it in a variety of situations.

Find your favorite scent

Scents can have a variety of effects depending on the situation, such as uplifting your mood, calming you down, or helping you concentrate.

However, even for one person, the likability of a scent varies from day to day and depending on one's physical condition.

Sometimes the scent that you love may be unpleasant to others.

Nekodamari Kobo's scented series is designed to have a faint scent so that it won't be a bother to family members or friends who don't like strong scents.

A dignified atmosphere in the clear, pure air

The scent of cypress is familiar to Japanese people, but by adding the rich fruity floral scent of osmanthus and agarwood to the base, the scent of cypress stands out even more.

This agarwood is not a synthetic fragrance, but a truly precious essential oil extracted from the fragrant wood known as "kyara" or "agarwood," so it has an elegant and deep scent.

Make sure to take the time to relax during your grooming session!

The color of the logo side of the can lid is dandelion brown.

Maintenance of your beloved machine will change from a "job" to a "pleasure."

[Ingredients]: Organic crude oil domestically refined clear jojoba oil, domestic unbleached beeswax, essential oils (hinoki, osmanthus, agarwood)

[Capacity/Container] 30ml Aluminum can

[Recommended uses]: Moisturizing, coating and lubricating fingerboards. Protecting oil film on leather products, metal parts, etc.

[Effects] Moisturizes exposed wood such as fingerboards. Forms a coating film and coats the wood. Gives an elegant shine and improves the feel and smoothness of the strings. The scent is almost odorless with a slight honey scent.

[Storage method] Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place. Jojoba oil has the property of solidifying at 10°C. When the temperature of the can rises, it will become yellowish and transparent, but the quality and effectiveness will not change.

[Expiration date guideline] Please use within one year of purchase. It is highly stable and does not oxidize easily, so it can be used for a long time.

  • The fingerboard has a deep, lustrous texture.

    When applied to a rose ebony fingerboard with exposed wood, it gives a wet, glossy look. If the fingerboard is dark, it will become even darker, making the most of the characteristics of the material.

  • The inlay shines with a deep coating

    The transparent coating of beeswax and jojoba oil enhances the shine of inlay materials such as avalon and mother of pearl. It also improves the slipperiness, reducing snagging when playing.

  • Nekodamari Kobo original scent

    The scent is a blend of 100% natural "essential oils". No synthetic fragrances are used. The scent is subtle to avoid odour pollution. Enjoy your grooming time with your favourite scent.

Many reviews posted on EC sites

Cumulative production and shipment volume has exceeded 40,000 units! *1

An unknown brand sold 20,000 units within a year of its release! *2

Nekodamari Studio's homemade clear beeswax wax

Maintenance improves the condition of your instrument and makes it easier to play

- Beeswax wax created from a recipe derived from hand cream with a cosmetic perspective.

- We use 100% jojoba oil, a "non-drying oil," rather than the "drying oil" used in beeswax for woodworking.

- Uses stable oil that does not spontaneously combust.*3

- Jojoba oil is known as a luxury massage oil and is used in everything from cosmetics to as a lubricant for artificial hearts.

・Almost odorless. Slight honey scent. The essential oil version has an original blend of scents.

・One can can be used for more than 200 maintenance tasks. The airtight container makes it easy to carry.

- Unlike beeswax for woodworking, the coating does not harden, so there is no need to worry about dirt being trapped.

Once applied, the effect lasts for about 2 to 3 months. Using it every time you change your strings will help prevent dirt from sticking to the strings.

・If you put it on your fingertips while playing, your fingers will slide easily. It also reduces pain from the strings.

- When applied to strings, the lifespan of non-coated strings is significantly increased.

*1 According to manufacturer survey of the series from December 2020 to September 1, 2023 *2 According to manufacturer survey of the series from December 2020 to December 2021 *3 Spontaneous combustion of beeswax occurs when adverse conditions overlap when oils that are easily oxidized, such as drying oils, generate "oxidation reaction heat." Jojoba oil is a particularly stable oil among non-drying oils that are resistant to oxidation, so there is no risk of spontaneous combustion during everyday use.

Clear beeswax wax that is used worldwide

Our products are used by a variety of guitar manufacturers, luthiers, and builders, including Marchione Guitars of Texas, USA, known as the world's top string instrument maker, and Pensa Custom Guitars of NYC, a prestigious high-end guitar brand.

We will continue to develop better products with the aim of creating the best care items for the finest works of art.

  • Slight honey scent

    A very popular staple item. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from cleaning musical instruments to everyday items such as leather goods!

  • Fragrance: Floriental

    An exotic and somewhat oriental image that combines oriental fragrance and floral notes.

  • Fragrance: Woody

    A challenge to recreate the real scent of Jacaranda! A scent with an intelligent and calming impression

  • Fragrance: Oriental Green

    A refreshing and calming scent that is easy to accept even for those who don't like sweet scents.