Supports comfortable erhu playing

The EBW-01 Clear Beeswax Wax for Erhu was developed in collaboration with Kogetsukinbo Erhu to provide a comfortable playing experience for erhu players. Its natural lubricating effect extends the life of the strings and makes them easier to play and express.

●Product Information●

・Container, capacity: 15ml aluminum can

Packaging: Paper packaging

Ingredients: Certified organic crude clear jojoba oil, unbleached domestic beeswax

-Storage method: Store in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place.

・Expiration date: As it is made of highly stable material, it can be used for a long period of time. As a guideline, it should be considered to be one year from the date of purchase.

・Notes: If the product smells like old tempura oil or chain oil, it may be due to oxidation, so discontinue use and discard. Not edible. Discontinue use if you experience any skin discomfort.

How to use erhu wax

How to use

Before playing the erhu, take an appropriate amount directly on your fingertips and rub it over the strings to make them glide smoothly. Also, if you apply some rosin to the strings when they feel sticky and difficult to play, it will make position changes, portamento (smooth sounds), vibrato (trembling sounds), and other expressions smoother.

●Natural materials that are safe to touch directly with your hands

It is made from 100% domestically produced unbleached beeswax and organically certified crude jojoba oil, which is also used in high-end massage oils.

The recipe is derived from hand cream and contains no preservatives or additives, making this beeswax wax safe to touch with bare hands.

Also useful for reducing the burden of playing

● To support performance

If your fingers hurt due to friction with the strings, it is possible to reduce the pain.

The wax that you apply to your fingertips before playing the strings creates a layer of lubricant that protects the strings and prevents rust from forming.

If you take care of it by wiping it with a cleaning cloth after playing, it will last even longer.

●Precautions for use

- Do not apply to any area other than the strings.

- Please be especially careful not to let it get on the bow hair of your erhu bow.

If the strings are dirty with rosin, the effect may not be achieved. Please try again after replacing the strings with new ones.

About Nekodamari Kobo

Nekodamari Kobo was born in December 2020 when the company began selling its homemade clear beeswax in musical instrument stores. Based on the brand concept of "items that support harmony," in just one year, the company's products were sold in over 200 stores, and 20,000 units were manufactured, shipped, and exported overseas. Through a strange coincidence, the company inherited the machines that have been making Japanese guitar pickups for over 50 years, and expanded from "items that do not make sound" to "items related to sound that create music." Therefore, the company has established a new brand concept related to sound, "Playing the sound of the heart together," and is developing and manufacturing a variety of products.

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Old Moon Quintuplet Erhu

The "Kogetsukinbo" erhu is procured directly by "Mac Corporation Co., Ltd.", a specialized musical instrument trading company in Nishi-ku, Nagoya, from a workshop in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China, the "home of the erhu," through a long-standing cooperative relationship. The instrument has ample volume and beautiful tone, and its soft and delicate sound, reminiscent of the water towns of the Jiangnan region, has been praised by many performers.

In addition to the erhu itself, we also stock the bows, bridges, strings, special cases, and other accessories necessary for playing the instrument, all with a unique selection perspective, to meet the needs of erhu players.

To ensure that you can continue to enjoy playing the erhu for many years to come after your purchase, we have established an extensive after-sales service system, which not only provides repairs and maintenance for instruments, but also carefully responds to any questions or inquiries from erhu players.

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Clear beeswax wax for erhu EBW-01

As this is a product for erhu, it is not sold or handled by Nekodamari Kobo.

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