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【製作事例】X100 #001 透明なSTピックアップ

[Production Example] X100 #001 Transparent ST Pickup

This is production example #001 of the featured project [X100] currently being held at Nekodamari Kobo.

For more information on the X100 project, please click here.

[Development Short Story] X-series Pickup 100-type Creation Challenge [X100] – Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store (

#001 Overview

First off, here is the exterior.

The main feature of this pickup is the transparent one. We changed the material from the usual vulcanized fiber and made it from a transparent material.

Because it is transparent, you can see the copper wire that is usually invisible. For that reason, we used a novel green colored copper wire, and finally wrapped it with a protective thread made of glitter material to complete it.

Because it is a transparent material, potting it would give it a dirty texture, so it is designed to be dry and no potting is required.

Although this is slightly less effective in preventing feedback, it is generally preferred by many people as the lack of potting treatment tends to result in a more natural sound.

Special craftsmanship: Non-contact processing of copper wire

As a special technique, we use non-contact processing of copper wire. Generally, the copper wire is wound directly around the magnet, but when the magnet corrodes, rust can cause internal disconnections, or the insulation of the copper wire can deteriorate, causing it to lose its function as a coil.

To prevent contact, a spacer is added to prevent the copper wire and magnet from coming into direct contact.

Explanation of special craftsmanship

Explanation of the benefits of non-contact processing

The advantage of non-contact is that it prevents the aforementioned magnet corrosion and breakage of the copper wire due to deterioration over time.

Since it can be combined with other tricks, it becomes a trick called prerequisite processing.

In the case of the ST, that's all there is to it, but if there is ample space in the effective width, it may be possible to change the coil shape to control the sound characteristics, so this is a design that we can expect to see evolve in the future.

This is actually a feature that cannot be installed on conventional pickups.

Disadvantages of non-contact processing

The disadvantage of non-contact processing is that the effective width of the winding is narrowed by the spacer. Therefore, for example, the number of turns that you want to wind 8,000 times will be limited to 7,000 times.

This slight difference would be fatal for a conventional pickup. As mentioned in the article about the project, it is also a point that has led to a "narrow range of possibilities."

Most of the popular standard specifications use the effective width to its limit, so there is a disadvantage to using this non-contact processing method in that it makes it impossible to produce the standard specifications.

This means that if you prioritize standard specifications, there will be no room for challenge or playfulness.

Nekodamari Kobo's approach

As for what we do at Nekodamari Kobo, we take two different approaches.

1. By making it coverless, the effective width can be physically expanded

This #001 does not come with a pickup cover. And it cannot be attached.

The reason is that the hobbins are designed and manufactured based on the dimensions with the pickup cover attached.

By doing this, although the difference is very small, the effective width is wider and it allows spacers and standard specifications to coexist.

2. Changing the standard for copper wire

As mentioned in the feature article, most standard specifications use almost the same copper wire diameter. Therefore, the "limit value of effective width" is expressed based on the "standard product up to now."

Using thinner wire reduces the area required relative to the resistance value and number of turns, allowing for greater freedom in using spacers.

However, as it is hard to say whether it is a classic or not, tastes may differ, but it is an area where you can make use of your sense of adventure and playfulness.

Digression and Summary #001 Spec Introduction

#001, which is the starting point of the X100, starts with the ST set.

The resistance is a little high, so combined with Alnico 5, it generally gives the impression of being high power. I'm concerned about resistance to feedback, so I think it's better suited to a play style that allows you to control the power with some leeway, rather than distorting it heavily.

On the other hand, there are playing techniques that take advantage of the instrument's susceptibility to feedback, so one of the interesting things about this instrument is that its disadvantages are not always considered faults.

With the X100, I will continue to work my way up to #100 in this way.

Please check the details below for a summary of the specifications. The same details will also be listed on the sales page.

The package includes a bonus pedestal. This is a prototype pedestal, so we have not yet decided whether it will be officially adopted.

#001 Spec

Compatible models ST type, for front, center and rear, 1 set
Hobin Material Transparent material PMMA
magnet Alnico 5 flat pole piece
Copper wire Green enamel 0.050mm
Lead Cross Wire
Potting Treatment No potting (none)
Special Craftsmanship Contactless processing of copper wire
specification No pickup cover, center only RWRP (reverse wound, reverse magnetized)
Resistance value

Front 8.85k

Center 9.42k

Rear 9.65kg


Spec sheet, base, package, mounting screws, spring

Warranty details

Free repairs for breakdowns caused by normal use

Other features are the same as regular commercially available products.


-There may be unavoidable scratches and scuffs due to the manufacturing process.

-The dimensions are based on general standards, but please check the dimensions listed on the sales page before purchasing.

・Pickups are delicate parts and require specialized knowledge to handle. Please ask a professional to modify or install them, or do so at your own risk.

・If you have any questions regarding installation, please contact us using the inquiry form.

・As this is a prototype, the specifications, such as packaging, appearance, and engraved information on the back, may differ from those of the officially sold product.

・In principle, we can only accept one item, but if you would like a similar pickup, we may be able to accommodate your request as a semi-order. Please contact us for more details.

Sales Information

Available at Nekodamari Kobo's online store

[X100 Challenge] X Series STset #001 Only one available – Nekodamari Kobo Online Store (

Sales price: 20,000 yen (tax and shipping included)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us – Nekodamari Kobo Direct Online Store (

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